Terengganu Sultanate : Part III

The Installation of Sultan of Terengganu

There are four main ceremonies on a single day consist of:

Royal Cleansing Ceremony (Istiadat Siram Tabal)
In the morning, the Sultan and his consort undergo Royal Cleansing Ceremony at a beautifully decorated royal dais called Panca Persada. The royal couple will be doused with several types of ceremonial water including the limau langir, gold water, silver water and floral water. A 21-gun salute signifies that the ceremony has been completed and the royal couple will leave the royal dais.

Coronation and inauguration ceremonies 
The entrance of the royal couple at the Throne room of the palace is accompanied by the Iskandar Shah tune (Nobat). The senior court official, Tengku Sri Raja seeks permissions in order to commence the coronation. Menteri Besar will read the proclamation of installation of the Sultan. Tengku Sri Raja will place the crown on the Sultan and the cheers of Daulat Tuanku (Hail the King) rings out three times in the Throne Room.

The ceremony is followed by the coronation of the official consort of the Sultan. A 21-gun salute and beating of the nobat to the tune Ibrahim Khalil to mark the start of the new Ruler's reign.The Sultan then makes his brief speech.

The event is followed by speeches presented by Tengku Sri Bendahara Raja and Menteri Besar on behalf of the royal family and the citizens of the State respectively to congratulate the new Ruler.

Pledge of loyalty ceremony
Pledge of loyalty ceremony granted to Tengku Sri Bendahara who represents the royal family, Deputy President of the Royal Advisory Council representing the members of council and other dignitaries.