The Royal Headgear

Every State which have Malay Rulers (except for Johor) definitely will have a destar or tengkolok that being used in certain events.

Dendam Tak Sudah
The destar is being used since the first Paramount Ruler, Tuanku Abdul Rahman.

The ornament is made of platinum and studded with 66 diamonds. 
The destar is also being used in a few states in this country

On the front of the headgear there are padi design and the Kedah state crest. 

  Negeri Sembilan 

The ornament was made of white gold.

Setanjak Balung Raja
Sultan of Selangor headdress made ​​of yellow songket cloth . The destar is called Setanjak Balung Raja It is worn by the Sultan of Selangor during official state functions such as Coronation Day and the investiture ceremony. The design of this destar was taken from the destar of the Sultan of Perak, Setanjak Balung Ayam after the royal wedding between Selangor and Perak royals.

Belalai Gajah (Elephant Trunk)
The destar is being worn by the Sultan and Yang di-Pertuan Muda of Terengganu. The name of the destar was taken from the name of the elephant trunk because the headgear looks like an elephant trunk is inflated.

Balung Ayam
 The Balung Ayam headgear is being worn by the Sultan of Perak. The colour of the destar is dependant on the person's position. White is for the Sultan of Perak, yellow for the Crown Prince of Perak and black for the Raja di-Hilir of Perak.