Royal Family of Selangor

Sultan of Selangor
HRH Sultan Sharafudddin Idris Shah ibni Almarhum Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah was married to Raja Zarina Raja Zainal on 25th July 1968. Raja Zarina held title Raja Puan Muda Selangor during the marriage. The royal couple divorced in 1986 and blessed with 2 daughters:

1. HH Tengku Zerafina

2. HH Tengku Zatashah

He was married to Cik Puan Nur Lisa Idris binti Abdullah in December 1988 but divorced in 1997
and blessed with a son.

Tengku Amir Shah was born on 12th December 1990 in United States.


  1. Salam Ariana, I appreciate that you take an interest in the monarchy of our country. Are you in anyway personally in contact with them?

  2. Where is raja muda mother? In the US? anymore info?

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